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for the 8/15Yo in Aix-En-Provence

Kids Connexion

How we learn
at KidsConnexion

The aim is to enable children and teens from 8 to 15 years old to discover computers in a more exciting and profound way than they might in day-to-day gaming.

We offer a variety of learning formats :

Discovery Workshops :
Wednesday, Friday or Saturday morning one and a half hour activities during school periods. Students learn about and use a specific piece of software as an introduction to possible projects.

Holiday Workshops :
Students discover and learn a special skill during a half two-to-three day project.

Weekly Workshops :
During school periods, these workshops touch on a variety of fun activities and projects according to the age and interests of a student, allowing them to progress over time.

Birthday Activity + Party on Saturday afternoon.

We can even come give tech classes in your local school !

I discovered tech activities for kids when I was in the States a few years ago. Coding workshops in San Francisco, robotics for teens in New York… I thought these initiatives were wonderful, and I decided to import the concept to Aix-en-Provence, where I live.

That’s why I created Kids Connexion in 2016.

Sylvie Hofman
Kids Connexion Founder

what is here
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3d Modeling



... and anything we come up with !

How to book
a workshop ?

All of our activities can be booked on our web site.

Just find the workshop you are interested in, click on it, and you will be asked to indicate the name and age of your child. Then you will be redirected to a secure page for payment.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us by email or phone – we speak english !